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About Us

Sherwood Theater & Art Resource Society (STAR Society) was created by a group of individuals passionate about the Arts in Sherwood. Our Mission as a non-profit organization is to support the communities in which we operate by removing barriers preventing those individuals with a desire to pursue the arts, but lack the means or are affected by economic, social, physical or educational disadvantages. All grant application and donation requests undergo careful consideration by the STAR Society Board to ensure we provide the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people.


It is our mission to elevate the culture of our community by presenting new works and breathing new life into old works. Our goal is to challenge thought, inspire empathy and enhance personal growth in a safe, inclusive and professional way. We embrace emerging artists, promote the talents of our community, offer diversity and showcasing local artists by cultivating relationships with local families, organizations and businesses.


We recognize and acknowledge or responsibility to correct injustices in our industry and for rebuilding trust in an industry that thrives on diversity. 


The following principles are at the core of our structure from our Board members, our department chairs, our leadership, artists, donors, students and audiences. We partner with only those who support our cause in the following values:

EQUITY. We are committed to removing all forms of systemic oppression agains race, gender, size, age, religion or political views. We believe inclusion is of utmost importance in our workshops and show selections. We will help remove roadblocks or barriers for those who lack the means to pursue the arts.
CREATIVITY. We will provide a place for theatre and arts that promote old and new. We encourage innovation and support both mainstream and independent works.
COLLABORATION. We insist on open communication and transparency. We believe every person involved with our organization has a voice and that this is essential for an environment of inclusion. We welcome ideas and suggestions.
LEARNING. We intend to provide a place for those who wish to educate themselves further in the art form of their choice. We welcome ideas and continue learning, for ourselves, for our communities, and for the evolution of our field. Our institution and our industry will grow only from an ongoing and open exchange of ideas.
BELONGING. We reflect and impact our city by making our workspaces and our shows welcoming and accessible to all as we build trusting and lasting relationships.

With the support of our Board and Department Chairs, we commit to the above practices and recognize that they will not be defined by their inventions, but by their results.

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